About Us

About Us


Laborex is an engineering company born to create electrical and thermal energy production plants fed with natural gas and renewable sources (biogas, solid biomass, etc. ) and new generation biofuel production plants (biomethane).

Laborex relies on experience of qualified technical staff and on significant know-how enabling it to supply quality service.

The company delevoped relevant skills in drafting business plans suitable to the most diverse contexts of market and of country.

Laborex provides management consulting to companies willing to approach new markets and/or companies undergoing reorganisation.



Laborex is an engineering and consulting company focusing on creation of plants for producing renewable energies or fuels

  • Biogas plants to produce electrical and thermal energy;
  • Combined Heat and Power plants for industrial or civil customers coupled with district heating grids;
  • Plants for producing Biomethane to be either injected in grid or to be supplied as automotive fuel.

Laborex in particular takes care of:

  • Checking relevant en force rulegulations and carrying out authorisation processes also in relation to environmental and urban planning aspects, lookong after financing processes both private and pubblic;
  • Preliminary, detailed and construction design;
  • Drafting Business plan;
  • Construction, erection, maintenance, operation of plants;
  • Consulting for creation of special purpose companies;
  • Consulting for getting energy and environmental incentives in Switzerland or Italy: such as KEV/RIC, TEEs, Emission Trading System.

Biomethane and biogas machinery


impianti biogas

Laborex carries out feasibility studies, designs, appliances for authorisation, erection of plants for Biomethane (to be used as a biofuel or to be injected in grid) and for Biogas (to be used for producing electrical energy) from anaerobic digestion of biomasses of every kind ( manure, Biowastes, wastes from food industry, etc ).

Laborex is active in Italy by means of a special purpose company, “Laborex Italia srl”.

Typical customers for proposed plants are:

  • Livestock and agricultural farms;
  • Food companies;
  • Food retail chains;
  • Organic wastes disposal companies.

Cogeneration machinery



For more information about the machinery click here.

Laborex performs research on feasibility as well as development, authorization and production of cogeneration machinery equipped with both fossil fuels (methane, diesel) and renewable resources (vegetable oil, solid biomass).

Additionally, Laborex has accrued valuable experience in fuel supply contract management as well as in managing sales contracts for electricity and heating.

What is Combined Heat and Power (cogeneration)?

Combined Heat and Power, also known by acronym CHP, is the joint and simultaneous production of electrical (or mechanical) and thermal energies from a single energy source, carried out by a single integrated system. Using the same fuel to two different ends, enables a more efficient use of primary energy, with subsequent economic saving where a strong concurrence between electric and thermal drains exists.

Services companies


Laborex services to companies

Within company an independent unit for supplying services exists.
This unit besides supplying services to controlled or associated companies, decided to use skills achieved over the years for offering own products/services outside.

Details of services

Management and business consulting

Drafting market analysis and business strategies.
Drafting and implementing Business Plans.
Taking on company leadership in case of reorganization and of generational transitions.
Due diligences and support to property transfers.

Consulting for research and development of organizational management systems

Organisation analysis for defining company processes and methods.
Sensitising and training personnel.
Carrying out audits.

Administrative, manging, accounting consulting

Setting up and keeping of company accounting.
Managing schedules, liquidity and financial plans.
Accounting, economic, asset analysis.
Drafting balances.



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